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Thinking will not overcome fear but action will W. Clement Stone

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Find a card you like, click 'Chat' and say 'Hi'. Positive Action Hero's already active there will help you get started and contributing to our Movement to shape a friendlier, happier and safer World

In 'Missions' projects are broken down into small tasks, use your skills to tackle them however you think you best and drag Missions into 'Done' once complete

'Chat' is for discussion and collaboration with other Positive Action Heroes around the World. Please stay on topic by switching to direct messages, or opening a new group to keep the channel focused, as boards get flooded easily

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Positive Action Projects

invite only your most positive and pro-active friends
those who come together at the beginning of a Movement set the culture for everyone who comes later

Positive Public Action Gatherings

Creating a Global Movement of people meeting up for fun and positive activities which invite the public nearby to join in, making it simply normal to be invited to join in a fun activity when you are walking in public. Each action adding a ripple of friendliness to a growing wave of positive cultural change that is sweeping the World, and we are a leading part of building. This is also absolutely the best way to meet positive, pro-active, and amazing people; both when you are at home, and when travelling

The Brighter Tomorrow Map11

(formerly The Big Street Sleeper Resource Map) Creating an online global map for folk who are homeless to help them find essential and helpful resources to meet their basic needs, and get into stable housing/work. Including showers, addiction support groups, washing machines, soup kitchens, CV workshops, free suit lending for interviews, charities who'll support them in building a brighter future. Also crowd-funding to create laminated maps to distribute in London

Inspiring Hero's Workshops

Inspiring Hero's Positive Action Workshops: A creative writing/art workshop for troubled young people (EBD), creating a work on a simple life experience others will relate to which makes them smile; like playing with a dog, or hearing a new favourite song for the 1st time.

To show those too aware of what it feels like to be looked upon as trouble by general society, how simple it can be to boost their self-esteem and be proud at the person looking back at them in the mirror, simply by doing something kind for others. Focallocal members take their positive works into a local hospice to brighten the day of those living their last few days, and bring back a token of gratitude they can keep as a reminder

Socially Responsible News 3

A new way of reporting the news to counter the mainstream media's hyper-reactionary, morbidly fixated and socially divisive culture of reporting. Our news site will report Global news from the perspective of the positive reactions to upsetting incidents by individuals and related groups; while still reporting all important details which the average reader wants to know about, after reading our stories the reader will be left feeling closer to those around them, and reminded that 99.9% of the World are good people

Promoting togetherness and peace, rather than scaremongering, dramatising and dividing our society for their own ratings

Chase the Sun - Positive Action Road Trip

Road-tripping this September through France, Spain and Portugal, to meet with other Positive Action Projects and create a hope inspiring film of their activities and projects, and of other positive change communities and projects joining in with ours; while spreading how our Positive Public Action Gatherings make travelling more awesome by connecting you with the coolest people everywhere!

Your Project

Suggest and discuss new ideas for positive action projects which use fun and creative ways to make the World a Friendlier, Happier and Safer place for everyone living here

Queue Pimping

Waiting in Queues sucks ..until now! We take a group of people from the queue and give them our Positive Public Action activities to transform it into the most fun queue in the World, sending crowds in already filled with positivity and smiles

Some roles will be paid once this project is developed, so join in for the awesome fun and to support Focallocal, and maybe you will end up building yourself the best job in the world, ever! Travlling to Festivals and Gigs as minor happiness celebrities

The Positive Action University

Coming soon, learn to create positive action like Andy, and make the World around you ..and inside you a better palce. Get in touch us if you are intrigued and might like to help develop the idea, or be a 1st participant

Growing The Movement

yes, you can add your work on these to make your CV/resume look awesome

The Megaphone Team

Be part of Mass Media Movement, spreading the Word of our community and their good deeds, reaching out with creative campaigns to find people in need of a positive social action community like Focallocal their lives

Any (positive) scheme that you can think of; Postering + leafleting campaigns, guerrilla marketing, contacting global and local media about upcoming events and projects. social media campaigns, exhibitions, graphic designs, viral videos, PR managers, just get creative with your skills to bring our message to the World

Video Production + Editing

Join in telling our story of how everyone can make their society friendlier, happier and safer through Positive Action - because a friendly and connected community helps all social issues, from protecting against xenophobia and extremism, to helping the most vulnerable in our society, or simply making everyone's life happier

HR + Recruitment

The 'Headhunting Team' - Tracking down special people with specific skills which our projects need, and inviting them to join in and use their expertise to build some truly amazing Amazing


The often-unsung hero's and creators of all you see before you. Web Magicians, SEO Masterminds, UI + UX Wizards and Graphic Designers making it all more beautiful, just for your eyes to be happier

Our team are building in Meteor, Wordpress and Javascript and they'd love to welcome you in, hear about any bugs you found, and all of your suggestions to make the site even better for us all

Money Trees

the foundations of our community live in a little garden here where folk are tending to our finances as we grow, and managing the fruits of supportive projects which provide us with the cash needed to sustain everything else, and keep the community growing healthily

The Positive Action Shop

Providing the wider community with awesome Positive Action products in our online shop is not just so they can show off how cool they clearly are to their friends, its also a great way to spread our positive messages, like paying for advertising spaces to spread positivity, except others are the ones buying it! The shop gathers positive art work gifted by other members, puts it on awesome products, and gets sales to support other Focallocal projects, and the community

The Kindness and Fun Things Auction

an ingenious little auction where our members offer kind and fun things they can do for each other, and then other members bid on their awesome and unique offerings

- like creating a photo video storybook of you as a cowboy from the old west, trying out your new career as space adventurer after being kidnapped by aliens, and all from editing your Facebook photos! or writing a song for a friend of your's birthday, setting up a surprise Nerf gun war for a friends of yours ..really there is no upper-limit to creativity here. Auctions run each month and we give 50% of the money raised to a nominated local charity

Dept of Happiness

The purpose of this Team is to simply to add extra sparkle into being a part of Focallocal! Its a real tough beat for the coolest job ever invented!

Invent and take part in creative ideas to make people in our community happier. internal games, social events, competitions, making sure everyone's efforts are rewarded, randomly sending inspiring messages to other Focallocallers

Making Friends

Contacting and connecting with other awesome projects, communities and organisations, to get them on board with our Movement. want to tweet celebs? hide outside their house and blow bubbles? make friends in the reporting World? find all the most amazing projects making the World happier and say hi? then this team needs you!


Graphic designers, Artists and Visually orientated people, bring your skills to sprinkle stardust over every part of our community and create a stunning visual experience for all involved. Theme: happy and lots of colours

International Action Days

absolutely, being a part of these will make your life cooler
you'll meet the most awesome people and be the one bringing joy to the masses!

International Pillow Fight Day


Each year 8,000+ people arrive in Trafalgar Square armed with pillows to join together in joyous, friendly battle. For legal reasons no-one officially organises International Pillow Fight Day in London, although we are proud to be the most active supporter since 2012, and friends with founder Kevin Bracken, who brought the beautiful idea into the World back in 2003 in New York

International Take a Smile Day


We gather as many positive people and groups around the World, simply to ask people on the streets to Take a Smile. Teams gather in a public place to draw and decorate happy smiling faces, and prepare them in easy to grab strips, then give them to as many people as they, because giving a smile is such a simple way to lift someone's day. Join the project and help bring a smile to as may people as we possibly can

International Give a Bubble Day

12th June

Sky's across the planet are filled with bubbles, and people reminded the joys of childhood and sharing their fun with others. Everyone is asked to bring a few bottles then challenged to get passers-by to join in

International Guerilla Urban Beautification Day

27th August

Its fantastically beneficial for your community's mental health. Cities flash mob one area fabulous, others go in teams to spread mini-gardens and art all over. Some seed bomb so the beauty creeps in slowly. All make our World a brighter place to live

Inspire MY City Day

Cities all around the World are covered in inspiring chalk quotes to give a lift to the day of everyone living there, because the right words at the right time can change lives!

Int Open Skills Sharing Day

6th August

Every city in the World should have a weekly place to practice + share skills, try new things + make new friends. Today we celebrate the Open Skills Sharing Day idea, where everyone is welcome to ask anyone else to teach a little of what they are doing

International Metro Jam/Musical Connection

Party on public transport, all across the planet! In London we bring musicians and spare instruments to get everyone to play along, because its not ok that some people haven't experimented with music for year - its a central column of the human experience. Other cities make a dance party on the trains, or sing-along's. Get creative

Space Hopper World Record Attempt 2

An attempt to break a world record! Gathering people for a reminder that playing feels great, and is good for their health, both physically and psychologically

London - Worlds Biggest Eye Contact Experiment

The London flash-mob gathering of our good friends The Liberators International's inspiring project, using 1 minutes eye contact between strangers to build public acceptance and connection in our communities, and take another step towards World peace, because it is you. the average person who the World needs to make it into a reality in a time when the traditional powers seem to be walking in the opposite direction


what fabulous Positive Action events around the World should we contact and join in with?